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Objects in Ruins

This is a series of paintings I created after a breakup, documenting my emotional state between 2015 and 2019. 


At that time, I discovered that my partner had cheated on me and had immediately married someone else.  Apart from my studies, my life and work were closely linked to my partner, and I felt as if I had been abandoned and had lost everything.  During that period of time, I related myself to several objects in remote and abandoned areas of Hong Kong, and then expressed my empathy through painting.


Do not think that the paintings are pleasing, and do not feel very comfortable looking at them.


Throughout the creative process, I kept denying the history and experienced repeated anger and frustration before slowly accepting what had happened. If "sadness", "grief", "anger", "resentment" and "devastation" had shapes and colors, I think they would look something like this.

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