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Words to Fung Ming Sum

Written by Dr. Victor Lai Ming Hoi (2016)

Painting is a medium for self-expression. Artists express their ideas or feelings with visual elements, colour is definitely an important one for good expression. Colour can be used as a means for story- telling, emotional reflection or message record. It is, as Henri Matisse said, “with colour one obtains an energy that seems to stem from witchcraft”. Fung Ming Sum is a young artist who has good sense in colour. She has tried to express her inner feelings with gestural brushstrokes and vibrant colours. The images distinguish is not her main concern, instead the emotional relaxation is. She is not only making reference with the colour-fields abstract expressionists’ works, such as Hans Hofmann, Willem de Kooning, Joan Mitchell, she has also made good comments on her daily experiences by which she has transformed them into semi-abstract painting. Her paintings could also have the musical ensemble with her contemporary Cecily Brown. It is definitely a critical time for a young artist like her to search for her future painting development. However, we should have the confidence that she can manage the expression with her sensitive and powerful skills with oil paint.

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