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About “Another Sides of Hong Kong”

Written by Dr. Jack Lee Sai Chong

“Another Sides of Hong Kong” is the first exhibition of young artists Fung Ming Sum and Kong Yuk Yee Fatina. I was surprised by their works when I had a chance to preview more than 30 oil paintings done by them recently. As young artists, I am very impressed by their dedication and aspiration in arts.

The Chinese title of this exhibition “sitting here/Looking at there” may sound a bit nonsense or humorous but that exactly is a reflection of the characters of Fung Ming Sum and Fatina whom I know of. Both artists are not satisfied with ordinaries in art making. They simply use colours and brushstrokes to explore the possibilities of painting, and such attempt is clearly marked on their canvases. Fung Ming Sum always tries to use bold and decisive brushstrokes, and eye-catching colors to depict everyday discards. Her attempts to create contradiction between forms and contents is remarkable. Fatina’s landscape painting shows an unusual fusion of Chinese and Western elements, creating a very romantic sight which is realistic yet abstract, usually in gloomy hues. I dare to say that these two different paintings styles are actually reflections of their personalities. If you know them well, you will agree my words.

I like to wish Fung Ming Sum and Fatina all the best in their art journeys as they just graduated from their art study. I hope that they can go beyond different obstacles, and fulfill their aspirations in their arts.

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