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HKBU AVA BA(VA) Graduation Exhibition 2015


AVA Kai Tak Campus, Hong Kong Baptist University (Hong Kong)
2015.05.30 - 2015.06.21

2015  |  Oil and charcoal on canvas  |  a set of two  |  200 cm x 300 cm (left) and 200 cm x 150 cm (right)

HKBU AVA BA(VA) Graduation Exhibition 2015 embodies works of various mediums, letting our audience experience a wide range of art forms to gain knowledge of arts and deepen their interests. With tools,AVA Grad-show 2015 echoes to the diversity of the academy. Together with works from 107 graduates, this show presents the idea of “N tools= N inspiration +N process +107 works= 1 show”. Tools are essential elements during the process of art making. It contains inspirations, helps visualising ideas, records the marks artists made and represents artists and their works. Art work is a tool as well, it allows artists to communicate with the audience.

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