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Short Biography

Fung Ming Sum is a Hong Kong artist, who graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University in 2015.  


During studies, Fung received education from a Taiwanese hyperrealistic painter, as well as Hong Kong abstract and experimental painters.  Having experienced three different types of painting education (emphasising traditional painting techniques, emphasising visual stimulation and perception, and emphasising experiments in paintings), the artist often contemplates the various possibilities of art and its rooms for interpretation.  Fung hopes to explore how art can be presented and deconstructed in different ways within its inherent framework.


Enjoys drawing, painting, writing, and trying new things.  The artist had worked as the photographer and designer of a literary magazine, the cameraperson and editor of some community documentaries, the organiser and project manager of some art events, and the volunteer of a gender-advocacy organisation, wandering in different fields and meeting different people.  In the past, Fung Ming Sum used to record chaotic personal thoughts and experiences through creations; and recently, the artist has paid more and more attention to “sex and gender” issues, trying to be honest to self and handle interpersonal relationships.  The artist had once curated the exhibition “Sex/ Gender Reinterpretation” in 2019, and currently curating an online art program named "The Private ArtTalk".

Educational Background


2013 - 2015

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University

2011 - 2013

Associate of Arts in Visual Art, Hong Kong Baptist University College of International Education

Awards or Grants



AVA Keeper of Studies Collection Award  |  Hong Kong Baptist University


Dr. Jonathan K.C. Choi Scholarship Best Student from Concentration Studies  |  Hong Kong Baptist University College of International Education




Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University (Hong Kong) 

Important Jobs or Events


2017 - present

The Painting Studio | Founder and Director


"Unruly Visions" Human Library | Speaker

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