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The Private ArtTalk

“The Private ArtTalk” is an online video show about “sex and gender” and arts, which tries to combine gender and art theory, art creations, historical and current incidents, and social cultures, to raise the audience’s “sex and gender” awareness and knowledge of art.


The show takes a light-hearted approach to discuss how “sex and gender” is portrayed in Chinese and Western art through the lenses of self images and gender roles, bodily developments and mental states, interpersonal relationships and love and marriage, popular cultures and social systems, morals and ethics and legislation, conservatism and liberalism.  The audience will learn about the culture, lifestyle and values of different historical periods, how they relate to art, society and their own selves, and be ultimately self-assured. Through the discussions, we hope to highlight the impact and importance of awareness of “sex and gender”. ​



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