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What is Possible for Queer Art?

Held by Hong Kong International Photo Festival (2021)
Speaker: Tse Ka Man, Lau Wai, Isaac Leung

Unruly Visions, for the exhibition curator Tse Ka-Man, is a queer proposition: to dissent and disrupt, to reframe; to question how we see and what we know.


In this talk, Tse Ka-Man, will be joined in conversation by curator / academic Isaac Leung and image maker Lau Wai. While Issac Leung will share his observations and thoughts on the LBGTQ+ art scene in Hong Kong, Lau Wai will discuss her experiences and perspective on queering as an art practice. The discussion will cover possibilities, strengths and challenges of queer aesthetic practices, in light of the challenges that we face in Hong Kong and beyond.


The online talk is an opening event for the exhibition Unruly Visions.

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