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Disconnect to Reconnect

L3, L5, L6 and L7 Common Spaces, Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre (Hong Kong) 
2017.10.25 - 2017.11.04

2017  |  Oil on canvas  |  a set of two  |  150 cm x 120 cm each

14 drawers and painters, 5 display spaces, 2 traditional media, and 1 exhibition.

“Disconnect to Reconnect” will examine the positions of traditional media in this day and age, with 14 Hong Kong young drawers and painters, dealing explicitly with “connection”.

The exhibition brings a few artists from different educational institutions together, and starts a conversation about drawings and paintings among them. Apart from showing their unique aesthetic languages, through creations, the artists will reflect their interpretations toward “drawing” or “painting”. From figuration to abstraction, personal aspect to social aspect, craftsmanship to conceptuality, they are going to demonstrate the possibilities of the two traditional media.

The event will be held from October 24 (Tuesday) to November 4 (Saturday) 2017 at the L3, L5, L6 and L7 Common Spaces of the Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre, connecting the dispersive common spaces and a few studios.

Meanwhile, we will organise a sharing session on November 3 (Friday) at 19:30-20:30 at the Central Courtyard of the centre, exploring the relationship of artworks and society/ viewers, with the spectators.

/ Artists

   Chan Cheuk Nam

   Cheung Ho Keung, Edward  

   Chung Sin Wa 

   Fung Ming Sum 

   Kong Yuk Yee, Fatina  

   Kwan Sze Wai 

   Lee Hang Kuen, Mandy 

   Lio Sze Mei  

   Mak Wing Sum, Sammi  

   Ng Yin Lam  

   Poon Mei Yee, Leona  

   Tsang Man Chi, Monchi  

   Wong Wai, Mandy  

   Yiu Chi Leung

/ Curator  

   Lam Hon Kin


/ Project Manager  

   Fung Ming Sum


/ Presenter  

   MOST (Museum of Site)


/ Venue Sponsor 

   Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre

/ Supporter  

   vA!, Leisure and Cultural Services Department


/ Media Supporters 

   Art Map 

   Hong Kong Society for Education in Art


/ Technical Supporters  


   Happening Group


* A Project of “Crossing Border | Border Crossing - International Festival of Intermedia 2017”

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