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City Discovery (Joint-University Cultural Mapping)

The Fringe Club (Hong Kong)
2014.10.14 -

2014  |  mixed media on cardboard  |  a set of two  |  141 cm x 176 cm (left) and 127 cm x 154 cm (right)

Nicedrape recently supports Arts in Heritage Research Limited and be one of the sponsors of the event “City Discovery – Joint-University Cultural Mapping”, promotes the inspiring initiative of cultural mapping by collaborating with local universities. The exhibition of City Discovery – Joint-University Cultural Mapping had been started successfully on 14th October, 2014. It had shown and documented the works of diverse media by students such as photography, videos, essays, drawings, radio drama and so on. Nicedrape shall continue support the Art development in HK and to develop positive mind set in building a good society for our future. If you are interested to the exhibition, please visit The Fringe Club at No. 2 Lower Albert Road, Central Hong Kong. This exhibition will be last to 21st October, 2014.

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