From 2016, Fung Ming Sum has created a series of drawings and paintings, named “Persona”, starting with personal emotions and experiences.  While creating her artworks, she tries to re-examine the relationships between herself and the portrayed targets, with drawings/ paintings and words, and adjust her own understanding toward the nature of “relationship”.


Fung Ming Sum believes that, in every relationship, there are encounters and detachments; and because of anxiety and pains, intentionally or accidentally, people might somehow repress some of the related memories, refusing to face the reality.  She tries to honestly face her inadequacy and mistakes of the past with artworks, showing the tensions between herself and the other people, and admitting her own inability.  


The related artworks document the mental states of Fung Ming Sum, and help rescuing and redeeming the creator from her own faults with confessions.

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Kwai Fong, Hong Kong

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